About us

Data Origin Technologies (DOT) is a system integrator company based in Nairobi, Kenya providing solutions in Information and Communications Technology. The company was established to solve IT related issues and challenges faced by organisations in todays' fast-paced and data-driven world.

From our network, security, software and hardware solutions, DOT will help your organisation reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce valuable time lost in various processes so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

We are invested in being a part of the journey to your organisations' growth and success and will do so by providing our solutions at a cost-effective, professional, efficient and world-class manner and make you proud to call us your partner. 


To provide high quality solutions and services to our clients and help them progress in their journey to greater success.


To be the leading and most-trusted Information and Communication Technology partner for businesses and individuals not only on a regional scale but also on a global scale.